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 Here at Journee West we plan to shine light on Autism Awareness in hopes to make a difference in your life and the life of anyone with Autism. Any purchase you make with the image shown above, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards helping families.
The internet gives regular people, affected by irregular and/or hurtful conditions, an opportunity to have their voices heard by the whole world. Join the team and help spread the word.





What is Autism? 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that causes issues with communication, social, verbal, and motor skills. The most important thing to know about autism is that it is a spectrum disorder, meaning its affects vary from person to person. No two people with autism are alike.  People with autism have  difficulty communicating and forming relationships with other people also using language and abstract concepts are difficult mainly because the understanding 


Early Signs..


The behavior symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often appear early in development. Many children show symptoms of autism by 12 months to 18 months. No child with autism is alike, common problems include:


  • Problems with nonverbal communication
  • No response to his or her name, or to the sound of a familiar voice.
  • Joint attention 
  • Following objects visually 
  • Communication gestures
  • Problems with eye contact
  • Poor skills in pretend play and imitation
  • Head banging


Many parents are not even aware of the "early" signs of autism and rarely start thinking about autism until they notice that their child isn’t talking. (around 2-3)
Most children with autism are not diagnosed until after age 3, but healthcare providers can usually see developmental problems earlier than the diagnosis. Studies shows that early intervention greatly improve outcomes.